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Customer Service Representative - Diploma

1) 1000 level (minimum) General Education courses required unless specified

Customer Service Representative
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English/Communications requirement
Choose one 2 credit (or greater) English or Communications course.
2 cr
Math requirement
Choose one 2 credit (or greater) Math course.
2 cr
Job Seeking Skills
Students will gain independence and proficiency in job searching skills through activities and assignments designed to help them learn how to find jobs, how to prepare to apply for jobs, and how to present themselves as candidates for jobs. Skills covered will include how to search electronically for a job; how to develop written documents needed for a successful self-directed job search, including how to create an electronic portfolio; and how to secure, conduct, and follow up on job interviews. (Prerequisite: none) (1 credit: 1 lecture/0 lab)

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1 cr
Computers: Issues and Applications
This course will develop computer concepts and applications for the general computer user. The focus may include such topics as: historical events and current/future trends, PC (personal computer) concepts, file management and storage, the Internet, digital communications, and computer security, ethics, and privacy. The course will examine the computer's role as a productivity tool in society through an understanding of computing systems and proficiency in popular software applications (word processing, spreadsheet, database management, and presentation graphics), as well as online learning software. Microsoft Office 2013/Office 365 is required software for those taking this course online. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology applies to everyone's personal and workplace daily life. In this course, you will be introduced to the history of psychology, consciousness, learning theories, memory, problem-solving, intelligence, motivation, life-span development, personality, abnormal psychology and therapy. (Fulfills MnTC Goal 5 & 7) (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
11 crs
Business Communications
This course provides the study and practice necessary to develop competence in using language effectively and appropriately in business communications. Emphasis is placed on providing a practical grasp of the principles of English usage and style that build the framework for effective business communication. This course develops basic writing techniques for use in composing memos, e-mail messages, and letters. (Prerequisite: ENGL0528 or a minimum score of 78 on the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Test.) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Customer Service Concepts
This course provides an introduction to customer service concepts and skills that are essential for professionals in today's business environment. Effective customer service techniques ranging from appropriately resolving customer complaints, exceeding customer expectations, and analyzing the impact of customer satisfaction will be studied. (Prerequisite: None) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Integrated Office Skills
An emphasis will be placed on learning transferrable skills such as effective written and verbal communication in the workplace; office efficiency via file management, ergonomics, and time management; and seeking assistance via the internet, software help menus, and editing/proofreading. Through the use of an office simulation, the student will perform tasks based on actual job situations that utilize the skills necessary to work in a computerized office as well as problem solving, decision making, and teamwork. The office simulation uses a variety of business application software including word processing, presentation graphics, e-mail, and the Internet. (Prerequisite or Concurrent: ADMS2410) (2 Credits: 1 lecture/1 lab)

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2 cr
Keyboarding I
Students will learn the alphabetic and number keys by touch using proper techniques on the computer keyboard; improve speed and accuracy; format basic business documents including memos and letters; and proofread and apply language arts skills. (Prerequisite: None) (3 Credits: 2 lecture/1 lab)

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3 cr
Online Customer Service Strategies
Building on customer service concepts learned in prior coursework, students will apply their skills and knowledge to online technology used in the customer service profession. Students will assess the need for online customer service and support, develop effective strategies for providing customer service online, and will learn the foundations of building and maintaining an online social media presence for business. (Prerequisite: ADMS1421 Customer Service Concepts) (4 credits: 2 lecture/2 lab)

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4 cr
Human Relations in Business
This course will introduce the student to human relations with a focus on the business world. After defining human relations and its importance in work-related situations, methods to improve personal and organizational communication will be considered. Developing a professional presence, responding to personal and work-related stress, building self-esteem, resolving conflict, building relationships, achieving teamwork, and dealing with difficult people will be studied. (Prerequisite: none) (4 credits: 4 lecture/0 lab)

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4 cr
Customer Service Field Experience
This course is designed to provide the student with a purposeful and exploratory observation/shadow experience in the field of customer service. Each student will collaborate with his/her academic advisor to determine a site to enhance educational/career objectives through a practical observation/shadow experience in a customer service-related profession. Reflection papers written by the student will supplement each specific observation/shadow experience. (Prerequisite: Instructor/advisor approval) (2 credits: 0 lecture/0 lab/2 OJT)

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2 cr
21 crs

Total Credit Requirement - 32

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