Liberal Arts & Sciences

Here at Southeast Tech in the Liberal Arts and Sciences area you are able to access courses in fields of study traditionally offered in American colleges and universities: natural science, social science, humanities, writing/literature, languages, mathematics, and computer applications at all levels on campus and online.

The Liberal Arts Program @ Southeast Tech...Get Started

  • creates life-long learners who can lead rich academic, professional, civic, and personal lives.
  • builds skills and knowledge that will remain relevant today, tomorrow, and beyond.
  • provides high-demand critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills.
  • equips students for a changing world.

Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Programs...

Why Southeast Technical? We offer...

  • Transfer Curriculum
  • small classes, welcoming staff, and student-centered faculty.
  • a state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center, and quality tutoring.
  • various scholarships!
  • developmental courses to get you up to speed.
  • high-tech classrooms, software and equipment.
  • highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced instructors.
  • evening, online, and web-enhanced courses.
  • closely knit, welcoming communities.
  • practical, flexible, easily accessible education.
  • a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, a two-year college international honor society.
Red Wing LRC ITV classroom picnic in Red Wing Common