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Keeping you in touch with MSC Southeast

Apply now for admission to MSC Southeast

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Spring Green PlantApply now for admission to MSC Southeast

Spring semester is coming up sooner than you think! Classes will begin on January 8, 2018.

Are you a new student?

  1. APPLY as soon as possible! Once you've filled out the form and paid the $20 application fee, your next step is to...
  2. TEST - Take the Accuplacer placement test and...
  3. SUBMIT DOCUMENTS - We'll also need your previous transcripts and other documents.
  4. REGISTER - You'll be invited to join us for New Student Registration. Meet with your advisor, learn about college life, and get ready for SPRING!

New Student Registration Dates/Times


Red Wing:

  • Tuesday, November 28 at 8:00 am
  • Tuesday, November 28 at 1:00 pm
  • Friday, January 5 at 8:00 am


  • Wednesday, November 29 at 8:00 am
  • Wednesday, November 29 at 1:00 pm
  • Thursday, January 4 at 8:00 am


Are you continuing from Fall semester?

If you haven't registered yet... WE WANT YOU BACK!

  1. If you haven't done so, meet with your advisor ASAP and get your access code.
  2. Register for your Spring classes online.
  3. Tuition is due on December 14 - but you don't have to pay it all at once. See "Minimum Payment Criteria" for more information.

Advance registration for Current Students open now

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Spring Semester 2018 Advance Registration for Current Students begins October 30, 2017

Schedules for Spring Semester 2018 and Summer Session 2018 are now available on the college website.  All students must schedule an appointment to meet with their advisor for an advising session for Spring Semester.  At this session, students will review their Degree Audit Report (DARS) with their advisor and receive their unique Registration Access Code, if applicable, for Spring Semester registration. This Degree Audit Report will assist students in tracking progress in their declared major at MSC Southeast. (Note: Summer Session 2018 Pre-Registration begins on January 29, 2018.)

Current students have the advantage of being able to register before new students; register NOW to secure your classes!

Students can access their student account by going to www.southeastmn.edu eServices and clicking on Red Wing or Winona Campus login.

What if I forgot my StarID or Password?

  • Click on Need Login Help? to retrieve helpful information.

Who is my advisor?

  • Go to Grades and Transcripts from left hand menu, Interactive Degree Audit Report (DARS).  Your advisor will be listed on the DARS report. Your Registration Access Code is not available on this report. You must meet with your advisor to receive this code if applicable.

When do I register?

  • Go to Courses and Registration from left hand menu, Registration Window.  This is determined by the number of completed credits. You will not be allowed to register before your scheduled time.  Be sure to check that you have selected the correct term and year when looking for your registration window and registering for courses.

How do I see if I have any holds to prevent me from registering?

  • Go to Courses and Registration from left hand menu, Registration Holds.  Immunization hold will not show until you attempt to register for classes.  Students who are unsure whether their immunization form was turned in should check with Student Services prior to registration.

What if I want to register for an online/hybrid course?

  • If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid course, you must login to classes the first couple of days of the semester (https://southeastmn.learn.minnstate.edu) to demonstrate your participation in the course. If you have questions, please contact your instructor.
  • Students enrolled in their first online course are also encouraged to attend a D2L Brightspace Orientation.  Sessions will be held on both the Red Wing and Winona Campus.  If you have questions with accessing your D2L Brightspace account, please contact the Information Technology Department Help Desk at 507-453-2408.

When do I have a Financial Obligation for Spring Semester and how much do I owe?

  • Go to Bills and Payment from left hand menu.  Tuition and fee charges can be viewed after registration.  Tuition payment is not required at the time of registration; however, will be due for Spring Semester on Thursday, December 14, 2017.  Students that register for a course are financially obligated for the tuition and fees associated with that course unless the course is dropped within the prescribed time frame according to college policy.  If financial arrangements have not been made by this date, you may be dropped from the registered course(s) per Minnesota State Colleges & Universities board policy 5.12.  Note:  If you have a change in plans, you are responsible to login to your account to drop your courses.  If you have a problem dropping, contact the Student Services Office as soon as possible.

When do I register if I am a Post-Secondary Options Student?

  • Continuing Post-Secondary Enrollment Options students will register starting the week of November 6.

Any further questions, feel free to contact the Student Services Office.


Guitar Repair and Building program repairs Oud

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Sofi and the Baladis - concert

Guitar Repair & Building program repairs an Oud  

"This is a very big part of why we do what we do, to be part of an important art" -- David Vincent

Broken OudTouring the United States with the Israeli band Sofi & the Baladis, musician Yaniv Taichman made a horrifying discovery the morning they left Pierre, SD. The headstock of his oud had suddenly snapped off -- a victim of the the cold, dry air in the Dakotas. Fortunately they had a backup oud, so he was able to continue performing in concerts. 

Wait a minute -- what's an oud? An ancestor of the guitar, the oud (prounounced "oohd") looks a lot like a lute, with a large bowl-back body, 11 strings, no frets, and violin-style tuners. Sofi & the Baladis play Samaritan music on the oud and other traditional instruments.

Alerted by the tour manager, Arts Midwest World Fest Project Manager Ken Carlson scrambled to find a luthier who could repair the broken instrument. He suggested that en route to their next tour residency at The Sheldon Theatre, the group could drop the instrument off for repairs about 100 miles away from Red Wing. 

At the last minute, Yaniv decided to keep his oud instead. This turned out to be a stroke of luck, since Arts Midwest and The Sheldon Theatre had arranged a lunchtime workshop at Minnesota State College Southeast early in the band's week-long Red Wing residency. 

During the Oct. 31 workshop, Yaniv got so many technical questions about the oud that he realized MSC Southeast isn't an ordinary college. Of course not -- he had stumbled upon the premier lutherie college in the United States, MSC Southeast's Guitar Repair and Building program

Yaniv explained that he was playing an oud that belonged to lead singer Sofi. He unzipped the black case that was carrying his own instrument. When he pulled it out -- in two pieces -- there was a collective gasp from the audience. "We can fix that!" somebody called out, and that's just what happened.  

Oud photosHe left the oud in the capable hands of instructor David Vincent, and that very afternoon the repair process began. "The original maker's work on this instrument is quite nice, and it appears that hot hide glue was used. Where the headstock broke off is not on the original glue line but in the wood next to it. That's a good sign that the original glue joint was well done," David commented.

Ready to rock

By the end of the week, Yaniv's oud was ready to return to the stage at the Sheldon Theatre concert on Nov. 3.  He was overjoyed to be reunited with his instrument. 

"Maestro David Vincent brought my Oud back to life," said Yaniv. "It sounds, looks and feels amazing!"

"This is a very big part of why we do what we do, to be part of an important art," David Vincent responded. "It was very special to me to hear these fabulous musicians share their culture and tradition from halfway around the world, and to feel a part of it."



Top: Sofi and the Baladis gave a workshop on traditional Samaritan music at MSC Southeast. (Katryn Conlin, photo)
Left: Yaniv Taichman showed his broken oud to the audience at the college. (Katryn Conlin, photo)
Right: Instructor David Vincent worked on the instrument. (Yaniv Taichman, photos)


Free App Week at MSC Southeast October 23-30

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"Free App Week" at MSC Southeast October 23-30

 Students - Red Wing CampusPlanning to attend college in 2018? Complete your application to Minnesota State College Southeast during the week of October 23 to October 30 and you'll save $20!

During Free Application Week, colleges and universities throughout the Minnesota State system are waiving the standard fee for applying.

"It's important to give future students the opportunity to get their application filed at no cost," says Tammy Vondrasek, MSC Southeast Director of Enrollment Services . "As part of the Minnesota State system, MSC Southeast offers an extraordinary education at an exceptional value. Free App Week is part of our commitment to keeping college affordable!"

To take advantage of Free App Week, apply online from Monday, October 24 to Monday, October 30 at www.southeastmn.edu/apply.

Save $20 anytime!

If you don't want to wait until October 23 to save $20, come to campus and meet with an admissions advisor. There's never an application fee if you fill out your application during your campus visit.

There's still time to begin college this fall!

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There's still time to begin college this fall! 

College Banners - OutdoorHere's a look at programs and courses that offer a mid-semester start.

If you think it's too late to enroll for fall classes at Minnesota State College Southeast, think again! Some programs start in the middle of October, 2017.

"We have a number of courses that start part way through the semester," says Dr. Jonathan Eichten, Associate Dean of Enrollment and Student Services. "And you can even enroll in some of our programs with a mid-semester start."

  • Everywhere you go you see job openings for Nursing Assistants, and MSC Southeast offers the necessary training for this occupation. 3-credit nursing assistant classes run frequently throughout the school year, and CNA status is a prerequisite for entering Associate Degree Nursing or Practical Nursing.

Individual courses from a number of programs also have start dates part way through the semester; see the list below. According to Jonathan, "These classes might make a good option for students who want to get a head start on coming to college full-time in January."

For more information about applying for admission or taking an individual course, please contact one of our admissions advisors:

Winona Campus: Shannon Schell, 507-453-2743 or sschell@southeastmn.edu
Red Wing Campus: Lacey Seefeldt, 651-385-6330 orlseefeldt@southeastmn.edu


Individual Classes

The classes below offer a mid-semester start date. Check with Admissions if you are interested in registering.

Administrative Support Careers
- ADMS 1424 Integrated Office Skills
- ADMS 1425 Desktop Publishing with Publisher
- ADMS 2417 Word Processing II

- COMP 1135 Spreadsheet Applications
- COMP 1140 Online Communications

- ENGL 528 Reading & Writing 
- ENGL 1025 Writing about the Short Story

Integrative Medicine and Health
- IHHA 1100 Introduction to Integrative Medicine and Health
- IHHA 1221 Spring Forest Qigong
- IHHA 1250 Creating Healing Environments

CNC Machine Tool
- MACH 2660 Advanced CAD/CAM I

- MATH 522 Pre-College Math (2 cr)
- MATH 533 Pre-College Math (3 cr)
- MATH 1015 Geometry and Trigonometry
- MATH 1020 Special Topics in Mathematics
- MATH 1025 Algebra

Medical Support Careers
- MEDS 1605 Legal & Ethical Aspects of Health Information

Retail & Sales Management
- RESL 1217 Principles of Telemarketing

Business Management
- SMGT 1214 Practical Problem Solving
- SMGT 1216 Leadership Development
- SMGT 2218 Service Management
- SMGT 2220 Management Theories and Organizational Studies

Massage Therapy
- THPY 1425 Deep Tissue Muscular Therapy
- THPY 1471 Basics of Aromatherapy
- THPY 1477 Reiki - Level 1 and 2


Note: Individual courses are not eligible for financial aid. Some courses may require prerequisites.

MSC Southeast offers new psychology, creative writing programs

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Minnesota State College Southeast expands liberal arts options by offering new programs in in psychology, creative writing

Psychology Transfer Pathway Associate of Arts degree, Creative Writing Certificate are just the beginning of new options in the Liberal Arts & Sciences

With the launch of the Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences, Minnesota State College Southeast transformed itself from a technical college to a comprehensive technical and community college in 2016. Now the college has added a second A.A. degree, the 60-credit Psychology Transfer Pathway, and a new 16-credit certificate in Creative Writing.

Psychology Transfer Pathway A.A.

The Psychology Transfer Pathway option has been developed to make it easier for students to begin a four-year degree at MSC Southeast and transfer to any of the seven universities in the Minnesota State system, including Winona State University, St. Cloud State University, and Minnesota State University, Mankato.*

A student taking the new Psychology Transfer Pathway degree would complete the required first two years of general education credits and select coursework related to the major, such as Lifespan Development, Abnormal Psychology or Social Psychology.

Students who complete a Transfer Pathway degree are guaranteed junior status upon admission to the university, and are assured that the bachelor's degree can be completed in 60 additional credits (for 120-credit programs). Students must still meet university admission requirements, any special admission requirements for the major, and are not guaranteed admission into the major itself.

"In the near future, we anticipate adding several more specialties in the Transfer Pathway curriculum, such as History and Sociology," says Jo Poncelet, MSC Southeast Dean of Academics. "These associate of arts degrees will be a great advantage to students who are seeking a lower-cost path to completing a 4-year education. Our students receive the same rigorous college instruction from our talented, highly-qualified faculty that they would at larger institutions, but our class sizes are smaller and we are able to offer more personal attention." 

Creative Writing Certificate

Designed to attract aspiring authors, the new Creative Writing Certificate can be completed in four semesters, giving the student the time needed to develop a unique point of view and voice. Since the program is taught 100% online, it is especially manageable for working adults who have other commitments but wish to build a polished portfolio of workshopped, edited, and publishable fiction and poetry.

"At MSC Southeast, we are fortunate to have a group of instructors who are committed, published, working writers," says English faculty member Pete Beurskens, who teaches in Red Wing. "Any student who desires to learn not only the nuts and bolts of the writer's craft and the writing profession, but also wishes to be mentored towards more fully realizing his or her own talent, his her or own voice and vision, will find that encouragement here."

"We felt there was a niche not being filled, among the two-year colleges, for a creative writing concentration. There are plenty of BAs and MFAs out there in the field, but almost nothing at this level," adds Michael Larson, an instructor in the English department on the Winona campus. "So we wanted to encourage those with a love of language and a love of story to start with us and see where it might lead."

Students who are working on the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree have the option of selecting the Creative Writing Certificate coursework as electives, and graduating with both the A.A. degree and the Certificate at the same time. 

"While MSC Southeast will always be committed to our career and technical programs, we believe the expansion of our liberal arts and sciences offerings will be a tremendous advantage to students in our region," states Dr. Dorothy Duran, President of Minnesota State College Southeast.  "We are justifiably proud of our liberal arts and sciences faculty and know students in the Psychology Transfer Pathway and Creative Writing programs will receive expert, individualized instruction in a friendly, caring environment." 


*Minnesota State Universities

  • Bemidji State University
  • Metropolitan State University
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Southwest Minnesota State University
  • St. Cloud State University
  • Winona State University

MSCS CAD Drafting program ranked #10 nationwide by BestColleges.com

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MSC Southeast Online CAD Drafting Technologies program ranked #10 nationwide by BestColleges.com 

Best Colleges Online SealWe are excited to announce that our Associate of Applied Science in Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting Technologies degree has again been ranked one of the top online CAD programs within the entire United States by BestColleges.com. Now ranked at #10, the program is celebrating its second consecutive year to be ranked in the Top 20 and its first year in the Top 10!

MSCS's CAD program has grown dramatically over the last decade, as faculty have worked to tailor the degree to today’s modern industry, while also ensuring flexible course offerings for both traditional students and working professionals. Enrollment has increased by nearly 300% since 2012, while tuition costs are among the lowest in the nation.

According to BestColleges.com, the CAD Drafting program at MSC Southeast "provides a flexible, quality, online education that students can afford. [MSCS] stands out as one of the best of the best." The rankings at BestColleges.com reflect academic quality and affordability, and are based on data hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics.

MSCS's CAD program has evolved from a degree offered only on campus to a degree which is available 100% online, enrolls students from as far afield as Bulgaria and Russia, and uses some of the most advanced online teaching tools available.

"With input from MSC Southeast administrators, faculty members, student services, IT professionals, advisory board members, and more, we have been able to develop a CAD design program that provides rigor and quality in meeting the needs of our far flung student body," says CAD instructor Jim Ziegler. "Placement in the BestColleges.com Top Ten is important, as it shows that we are doing what we set out to do."

Tyler Litscher, a mechanical designer at Thern Inc. in Winona, has recently joined the faculty at MSC Southeast. "As a former student, I am excited to see the program's prestigious recognition," he says. "I began the CAD program as a student in its first year online and am glad to see how much it has prospered since.  I believe the continued growth unequivocally demonstrates the quality of this program at Southeast.

"Working as a part time instructor for the past 20 plus years I am happy and excited for our program’s success. I hope this is the beginning of many more achievements to come," adds instructor Celeste Pronchinske.

"It is our intent to keep changing with the times in providing the excellent CAD training that has become our trademark here at Minnesota State College Southeast," Jim Ziegler concludes.

For more information, see: http://www.bestcolleges.com/features/best-online-drafting-programs/

WSU to offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing completion program in Red Wing

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Update: On-campus meeting in Red Wing! Tuesday, November 7 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, Front Lobby, Red Wing. Learn more about the program from WSU instructors and staff.


WSU to offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing completion program in Red Wing

Hybrid classes will combine online learning with face-to-face classes at MSC Southeast's Red Wing Campus 

WSU-MSCS Agreement SigningFor associate degree nurses -- also known as registered nurses -- earning a bachelor of science degree in nursing can become the pathway to a more challenging career with increased responsibilities and rewards.

Winona State University has already developed a successful RN to BSN completion program serving nurses in Rochester and La Crescent. 

Beginning this fall, WSU will expand its programming to include the Red Wing area. Hybrid/blended classes will combine online study with classroom/lab study at Minnesota State College Southeast's Red Wing campus. 

The RN-BS Completion program is designed to be flexible for working RNs, with part-time (2, 3 or 4 year) and full-time (1 year) plans of study available. Although the face-to-face component of the coursework will take place at MSC Southeast, enrollment in the program will be managed through Winona State University and classes will be taught by WSU faculty. 

WSU will hold information sessions in Red Wing beginning later in August and throughout the fall semester. At these sessions, WSU faculty will be available to advise potential students and help with the admission process.

  • Selected online-only courses will be offered for qualified Red Wing area students beginning in Fall 2017.
  • Required RN-BS Completion courses are anticipated to start in Red Wing in January 2018. 

Dr. Duran cuts cakeOn Thursday, August 10, 2017 college leadership from both institutions met at the MSC Southeast Red Wing campus to sign an agreement and answer questions. 

"My hope is that this is just the beginning of new programmatic collaborations and connections for the Winona and Red Wing communities," says Dr. Patricia Rogers, Provost & Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Winona State University. 

"Being able to host a bachelor's degree completion program on our Red Wing campus is an exciting first step in expanding our service to the community," adds Dr. Dorothy Duran, President of Minnesota State College Southeast. "There is great demand for higher education opportunities here, as well as a need for health care professionals with advanced qualifications."

For more information or to apply for admission, email RN-BSCompletion@winona.edu or call 507-285-7349 (800-366-5418, extension 7349). 

See http://www.winona.edu/undergrad-nursing/default.asp for additional details.

See the story/video online at republican-eagle.com.



Students collaborate to help create a virtual beach environment

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Here comes the sun

Welding students collaborate to help inventor build virtual beach environment

Welding StudentsTypically, the students in Casey Mann's welding program at Minnesota State College Southeast get hands-on experience working on projects that will be used in the "real world."
But last spring, they collaborated with inventor Ross Crandall to help him create an imaginary world. He needed the welding program's help to build a prototype of a pod-like, all encompassing audio/visual immersion suite.
Dubbed "Soleil" (French for "sun"), the pod provides a climate-controlled environment where a user would not only see and hear a beach, but would even feel the heat of the sun and the moisture of the summer air -- all in a luxurious space insulated from outside noise and distraction.
"I named it 'Soleil' because we all miss the sun during the long dark, cold winter. Would escaping to a beach environment -- even virtually -- help people with seasonal affective disorder? Could it help people deal with stress?" Ross wondered.

Building a prototype

Ross built the original prototype for his invention himself: an enclosed wooden cabinet equipped with a zero gravity chair and a ceramic heat lamp. An Oculus Rift virtual reality headset provided a 360 degree view of a beach and the sound of the waves.

Soleil Pod PrototypePleased with the results of his first tests, Ross started designing a more advanced version of the pod. It called for a metal framework to be encased in a plastic shell. Inside the soundproofed environment, the user would relax in a custom reclining seat. Sophisticated temperature and humidity controls would enhance the Oculus virtual reality experience.
But where to obtain the first part of the puzzle, the metal framework? Ross talked with Neela Mollgaard of Red Wing Ignite, who connected him with Minnesota State College Southeast.
Ross and welding instructor Casey Mann worked on CAD drawings for the framework. Two spring semester students, Jack Mercer and Parker Hale, constructed the frame in the Winona campus welding lab. There was a lot of trial and error along the way.

"At points we had to take things apart and start over," says Casey. "It could be frustrating for the students, but I wanted them to learn that the first idea is not always going to be right. You might have to make changes, especially with a prototype."

Refining the concept

At the same time, Ross has been refining his ideas for the virtual environment. The hardware and software are programmed to measure the user's biometrics (such as heart rate and breathing) and tailor the Oculus Rift experience to help create a state of relaxation.
Soleil Pod Framework

By now, you're probably wondering when you can get a Soleil pod for your house. The answer is probably never.

"The unit is really designed for wellness centers and medical use, not for personal use," Ross explains. "It might be possible to put a sauna in your house, but the Soleil pod will be too large. "

Besides, the next prototype is still under construction. Hopefully it will be ready by next winter... when we'll all be looking for an opportunity to escape to a warmer climate, if only a virtual one.

Photo captions:

Top: Parker Hale and Jack Mercer worked on the pod framework.
Middle: A CAD rendering of the pod by Ross Crandall.
Bottom: Jack and Parker pose with the completed framework, ready for delivery to the inventor.


Full Circle: Graduate returns to work at hospital where she was a patient

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Full Circle

Emilee AginMSC Southeast graduate returns to work at hospital where she was once a patient

When she was in high school, Emilee Agin suffered a very serious traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Following several weeks in a coma, she spent two months in the inpatient rehabilitation unit at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, re-learning everything from how to talk to how to walk.

Now 22 years old, she is back at the rehab unit every day, but not as a patient. She has returned to the facility as a Health Unit Coordinator (HUC). Today she works side-by-side with some of the same nurses and doctors who once took care of her.

Emilee earned her HUC certificate at Minnesota State College Southeast, graduating in Spring of 2015. She started out by taking general education classes in Winona, because she really didn't know what major she wanted to pursue. "Then I got the idea for the HUC program, and it was a good fit for me," she says. 

As a HUC, she's the first person you see when you enter the rehab unit. She provides administrative support for the nursing station, handles admissions and discharges, orders supplies for the unit, and helps patients get items that they need. 

There are usually between 20 and 40 patients being cared for in the rehab unit, undergoing occupational, physical and recreational therapy. Emilee's unique background can be an inspiration to patients and their families. "If they're having a bad day I'll go talk to them and share my story," she says. 

Why MSC Southeast?

Emilee Agin (2017)Emilee was drawn to MSC Southeast because it is a small campus. "Honestly, I didn't think I could handle a 4-year college, and I was worried about finding a school that would work for me." 

Happily, she found a positive environment at MSC Southeast. "I loved the teachers - Patty, Becky and Brenda - and really bonded with them. They were so helpful and made accommodations for me because of my brain injury. For example, they let me take my tests in a separate room by myself so there would be no distractions."

Small class sizes helped her focus more on her studies and connect with the other students who were working on the same projects that she was. She also enjoyed serving in Student Senate and working in the college bookstore.

What would Emilee say to someone who has to overcome challenges to attend college? 

"I would tell them you can only be yourself, and always remember people are willing to help you if you need it."




Winona Alumni and Friends Golf Tournament on Aug. 7

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Winona Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament9th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament 

18-hole Scramble Tournament and Picnic Dinner
Monday, August 7, 2017

New location! The Bridges Golf Course, 22852 Co. Hwy. 17, Winona, MN

10am: Tournament registration begins; Grill will be open for lunch on your own
12 noon: Shot-gun start; Dinner following golf

Minnesota State College Southeast Foundation invites you to connect with our alumni and friends for a great day of golf and fun activities. If golf isn't your game, join us for the dinner and silent/live auctions where you'll have the opportunity to support the college in a variety of ways!

The tournament will be a four person scramble. Either sign up as a foursome, or we can pair you up with another group to make a foursome. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, tenth, and "most honest" (last) place winners, giving everyone the chance to win. There will also be hole events and games throughout the tournament. 

For more information, please contact Casie Johnson at 507-453-2663 or cjohnson@southeastmn.edu. Proceeds from the event help support MSC Southeast students in need through scholarships and programmatic initiatives.


Thank you to our 2017 sponsors

Event Sponsor
Winona National Bank

Eagle Sponsors
Excel Images
Merchants Bank of Cannon Falls and Red Wing
Owen Warneke and Associates
Xcel Energy
Hole in One Sponsor
Dahl Chevrolet
Par Sponsors
Coldwell Banker, River Valley Realtors
Gary & Ellen Evans
Dan & Natalie Matejka
Other Sponsors
Hoff Celebration of Life Center



MSC Southeast announces Spring Semester President's List

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Minnesota State College Southeast announces Spring 2017 President's List 

Minnesota State College Southeast is proud to announce the President’s List for Spring Semester 2017.

A total of 204 students were named to the Spring President's List. MSC Southeast attracts students from all over the United States -- students from nearby Minnesota and Wisconsin, plus Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Vermont were honored on the President's List. Besides the U.S., MSC Southeast students from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and South Korea earned this prestigious recognition.

To be eligible for the President’s List, students must complete a minimum of 12 credits at MSC Southeast during an academic term and achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above.

See the complete Spring 2017 President's List

MSC Southeast launches Engineering and Technology initiatives

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2017 Industrial Controls Lab Event

Minnesota State College Southeast launches Engineering and Technology initiatives

New degree, facilities, partnerships with Winona State University and Milwaukee School of Engineering, and high school certificate

View the Facebook Photo Album

On June 1, Minnesota State College Southeast launched a comprehensive engineering and technology capabilities initiative, including: 

  • A new 2-year degree, the Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology,
  • Major investments in industrial automation laboratory facilities,
  • Transfer partnerships with the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Winona State University, and
  • A new high school-to-college engineering pipeline.

"We are collaborating with nationally renowned industrial and academic partners to help us meet the technological demands of tomorrow's economy," says Travis Thul, MSC Southeast Dean of Trade and Technology. "The bottom line is creating robust and innovative opportunities that will benefit our current and future students."

New 2-Year Degree: Associate in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology 

Beginning in Fall 2017, MSC Southeast will offer a new 2-year degree, the Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology. This degree will prepare students to enter industry as front-line engineering technicians, ready to assist in the design, development, and implementation of systems ranging from printed circuit board assemblies to industrial robots. Graduates will also have the mathematical and analytical back ground to continue pursuit of an engineering baccalaureate degree through one of the college’s engineering university partners. 



New Industrial Controls Lab – Winona campus

A new, state-of-the-art, industrial automation and controls laboratory is now open on the Winona campus. Newly outfitted with Human Machine Interface (HMI) terminals, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), and induction machines, this lab represents one of the most advanced facilities throughout Minnesota post-secondary education. Students from Industrial Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, and Custom Education programs will be able program and troubleshoot systems which parallel what can be found in industry. 

University Transfer Partnership Agreements 

Milwaukee School of Engineering and Winona State University have signed official transfer partnership agreements allowing Associate in Science in Electrical Engineering Technology graduates to transfer into 4-year engineering programs.* These transfer agreements are among the most ambitious AAS to BS articulations across Minnesota State and will provide students a pathway towards a career as an engineer and beyond.

Milwaukee School of Engineering: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Since 1903, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) has been working with industry and the community to provide engineering education with an applications based philosophy. Offering baccalaureate degrees spanning electrical engineering to biomedical engineering to business and nursing, MSOE is considered a leader in adapting its curriculum to meet the technological needs of tomorrow's industry. MSOE is an independent, non-profit university that has a national academic reputation, dedicated professors with real-world experience, a 97 percent graduate job-placement rate, and high average starting salaries. 

Winona State University: Bachelor of Science in General Engineering 

Winona State University is a community of learners and has long been a leader in the fields of science and engineering, pioneering the nation’s only ABET-accredited undergraduate program in Composite Materials Engineering. Adding to that repertoire, WSU was approved to offer a BS in General Engineering in 2017 - making it the only university in Southeast Minnesota to offer such a credential. This degree will offer students hands-on experience and serve the community's need for multidisciplinary engineers across the electronics, metallurgical, and manufacturing industries.   

*Must meet articulation agreement requirements. Please contact program advisor for more information.

Prototype Engineering Certificate - for High School Students 

A new certificate in Prototype Engineering, including Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing, and precision engineering applications, will be offered to high school juniors and seniors. Students will graduate with both a high school diploma and a Minnesota State College Southeast certificate. They will be prepared to pursue entry level technical positions, transfer into a MSC Southeast program. The credential can be also used to strengthen an application to an engineering university. For more information, contact MSC Southeast Student Services (enrollmentservices@southeastmn.edu).

Mary Johnson named Winona campus 2017 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

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Minnesota State College Southeast names Mary Johnson as Winona's Outstanding Alumnus of the Year for 2017

Mary Johnson and Dr. Dorothy Duran (small file) For 44 years, Mary Johnson has been employed at Minnesota State College Southeast, beginning her career in 1973 after graduating with a diploma from the secretarial science program. She began as a front desk receptionist and admissions secretary, and has served as the College's Registrar since 1993.

On Tuesday, May 9, she was honored as "Outstanding Alumnus of the Year" at the Winona campus graduation ceremony. She was recognized for her years of service to the college and long-time support of MSC Southeast Foundation.

"I was very young when I started working at the college. I had just graduated and I started my first job here on June 11," says Mary. "All I can say is, I had wonderful mentors who have helped me along the way."

Over the years, Mary has witnessed and been involved with many changes at MSC Southeast, including a multitude of name changes, the evolution from a local school district to a statewide college system, the merger with the Red Wing campus, and an entire new mission in 2016 as the college became a comprehensive technical and community college. 

"Mary Johnson is highly respected by the College community," says MSC Southeast President Dr. Dorothy Duran. "She works tirelessly to ensure that students' applications, transcripts, and other documents are complete and accurate. As the Registrar, she ensures the integrity of the institution and the value of our students' education."

In the 24 years since she became the college's Registrar, Mary has adapted from the days of paper records to computerized systems, including the complex statewide systems that link the colleges and universities of Minnesota State. She continued her education by earning a certificate in Basic Supervision in 1999.

"Mary is a great source of long-term institutional knowledge. At the same time, she is constantly learning and adapting to change," says President Duran.

Mary Johnson has been constant supporter of Minnesota State College Southeast Foundation, donating to the annual faculty/staff giving campaign as well as contributing to other Foundation fundraisers.  She has also volunteered for many college and Foundation events over the years.

"She's always a friendly face to those she comes in contact with and advocates for the college whenever she possibly can," Dr. Duran concludes. "We are proud to call Mary Johnson one of our own and recognize her with this award!"

Brenda and Brian Stewart named Red Wing's 2017 Outstanding Alumni of the Year

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MSC Southeast names Brenda Stewart and Brian Stewart Red Wing's 2017 Outstanding Alumni of the Year

 Brenda and Brian StewartIn 1993, Brian Stewart came to Red Wing from a small town north of the Twin Cities to study electronic music technology and learn how to build guitars at Minnesota State College Southeast, then known as Red Wing/Winona Technical College. He earned an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Music Technology in 1995 and a Diploma in String Instrument Repair in 1996.

Brenda Zill came from Reed, Michigan to study Band Instrument Repair in Red Wing, earning her diploma in 1998. Although they weren't in college at the same time, they met through mutual friends, got married, and have made their home in Red Wing ever since, where they are raising two daughters.

This year, Brenda and Brian Stewart were jointly named 2017 Outstanding Alumni of the Year at the Minnesota State College Southeast commencement ceremony on May 10 in Red Wing. The award recognizes personal accomplishment, service to the community, and support of the college.

Brenda has a successful career in Property Management at Target; she earned her second degree from the college in Supervisory Management in 2014. Brian worked for many years at Hobgoblin/Stoney End Harps. In 2015 he opened his own shop. He and Brenda now own Tree Strings in Red Wing. More than a musical instrument storefront, the business is becoming a regional destination for high quality repair work on guitars and amplifiers. 

Brenda volunteers as a Red Coat Ambassador for the Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce, and serves as the president of the Red Wing Band Boosters. Brian's success in the field is an inspiration to the college's students, many of whom hope to start their own music businesses someday.

"Between them Brian and Brenda have four degrees from MSC Southeast! They are constant advocates for the college's musical instrument repair programs," said Katryn Conlin, the college's communications director, in nominating them for the award. "As proud alumni, Brian and Brenda can truly say that Minnesota State College Southeast brought them to Red Wing, and how glad they are that they have become part of the community."


Community Connections Golf Tournament in Red Wing, May 25

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12th Annual Red Wing Community Connections Golf Tournament on May 25

18-hole Scramble Tournament, Dinner & Auction

2014 Golf Tournament Red Wing

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Mt. Frontenac Golf Course
32420 Ski Rd, Frontenac, MN 55026

10 am: Tournament registration begins; $5 burger lunch available on your own 
12:00 pm: Shot-gun start; Dinner following golf 

The Minnesota State College Southeast Foundation invites you to join us for a great day of golf and fun activities. If golf isn't your game, join us for the dinner and silent/live auctions where you'll have the opportunity to support the college in a variety of ways!

The tournament will be a four person scramble. Either sign up as a foursome, or we can pair you up with another group to make a foursome. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, middle of the pack, and "most honest" (last) place winners, giving everyone the chance to win. There will also be hole events and games throughout the tournament.

Registration for the Community Connections Golf Tournament is open now!

For more information, please contact Casie Johnson at 507-453-2663 or cjohnson@southeastmn.edu. Proceeds from the event help support MSC Southeast students in need through scholarships and programmatic initiatives.

Graduation on May 9 in Winona, May 10 in Red Wing

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Commencement Ceremonies 2017

Congratulations to the class of 2017! Here is information for attending graduation ceremonies this year. More detailed information for graduates can be found at Graduation FAQs.

Winona Campus

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Winona State University, Memorial Hall
Corner of Johnson & King Streets
Winona, Minnesota
Note:  Students will meet at Winona State University, Memorial Hall - Talbot Gym at 6:15 p.m.  

See photos from the 2017 Nursing Pinning Ceremony and the Graduation Ceremony on Facebook

Red Wing Campus

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Red Wing High School, Larry Sonju Gymnasium
2451 Eagle Ridge Drive
Red Wing, Minnesota
Note:  Students will meet at Red Wing High School, Commons Area at 6:15 p.m.  

See photos from the 2017 Red Wing Graduation Ceremony on Facebook

May 9 Student Guitar Show

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May 9 Student Guitar Show at MSC Southeast in Red Wing showcases the sights and sounds of newly-built instruments

Student Guitar Show 2017 STUDENT GUITAR SHOW
Minnesota State College Southeast, Red Wing campus
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
11:00 am to 1:00 pm
308 Pioneer Road, Red Wing, MN

Guitars, guitars, guitars in all directions. And the occasional mandolin. That's what it's like at the annual Student Guitar Show at Minnesota State College Southeast every spring. A bumper crop of beautiful woods and intricate inlay. Flat top acoustic guitars, archtop guitars, electric guitars, as far as the eye can see!

The Student Guitar Show is an exhilarating experience for anyone who loves handcrafted musical instruments, but most of all, it's a thrill for the students who race right up until the last day to finish their instruments on time. The event takes place at MSC Southeast (308 Pioneer Road, Red Wing, MN) on Tuesday, May 9 from 11 am to 1 pm.

The Guitar Repair & Building (first year) and Guitar Development & Production (second year) diplomas at MSC Southeast are unique full year accredited college-level programs that draw students from all over the United States. 

"We expect to see about 50 instruments at the Student Guitar Show this year," says long-time instructor David Vincent, an avid luthier himself. "But we won't just see them -- we will find out if they sound as good as they look. The students will get to hear their acoustic guitars and mandolins played in concert by Chris Silver, Mike Cramer, and Phil Heywood."

Ann Iijima is in the first-year program this year. She has a B.A. from Carleton and a law degree from the U of MN, but it was "back to school" for her last fall. Ann says, "I came to MSCS as a recent retiree, having spent most of my career in law and education (and legal education). The guitar program is the most interesting, challenging, and FUN thing I've ever undertaken. Wonderful instructors, students, and staff!" 

Ann is building a small bodied (Single 0) 12-fret guitar with Indian rosewood back, sides, and fingerboard, Engelmann spruce top, herringbone rosette, and her signature "Silver Cranes" logo inlaid on the headstock.

Michael Heimdinger came all the way from Austin, TX to learn guitar building in Red Wing. Now in his second year, he putting the finishing touches two instruments: an archtop guitar and a small bodied guitar based on a Gibson L-1. Second year students learn advanced finishing techniques, such as the sunburst. Michael applied a small sunburst to his flat top in the old Gibson style.

"I came to Southeast because it was the most in-depth program for guitar building. No other school offers two years of training. Plus it's a public college, so it was the most affordable option for me," Michael says.

Come see and hear Ann's and Michael's instruments -- and dozens of others -- on Tuesday, May 9 at Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing!

About the Musicians


Mike Cramer

Guitarist Mike Cramer is a music major from the University of Northern Iowa. His award-winning flatpicking technique has earned him championship titles in both the Minnesota State Fair Flatpicking Competition and Wisconsin's Upper-Midwest Flatpicking Contest. A fluid and powerful guitarist, Mike is as comfortable playing jazz standards as he is playing Bill Monroe instrumentals. He currently plays guitar in The Good Intentions with Chris Silver.

Phil Heywood

Fingerstyle guitarist Phil Heywood has been based in Minneapolis-St. Paul since the mid-1980s, performing locally and regionally while also establishing himself in the greater guitar and acoustic music world. In 1986 he won the National Fingerpicking Championship, and followed up in 1987 by winning the American Fingerstyle Guitar Festival Competition. He plays with a bluesy swing and tone, lyricism, and groove.

Chris Silver

A veteran of top bluegrass bands including Stoney Lonesome, Tangled Roots, and the Kate Mackenzie Band, Chris Silver now plays with The Good Intentions. He is an award-winning flatpicking guitarist and an accomplished fiddle and mandolin player. Chris is featured on many recordings that showcase his ability as a guitarist, stretching beyond the boundaries of traditional bluegrass into jazz, blues, roots, and global music.


MSC Southeast, UL to offer Knowledge Solutions curriculum in April

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MSC Southeast Logo 

Contact: Katryn Conlin, Communications Director
651-385-6364, kconlin@southeastmn.edu

For Immediate Release

MSC Southeast collaborating with UL to offer "Knowledge Solutions" curriculum 

Red Wing, MN (February 1, 2017) -- Minnesota State College Southeast and UL are proud to announce a pilot program to bring UL Knowledge Solutions curriculum to the college's campus in the historic town of Red Wing, Minnesota.

UL is the global leader in developing technical expertise that covers hundreds of industries and thousands of products with demanding regulatory and performance requirements. UL Knowledge Solutions provides the educational resources needed to develop, manufacture, install and deploy safer products throughout the global marketplace.

"MSC Southeast is excited and honored to collaborate with such a prestigious organization as UL," says Dr. Dorothy Duran, President of Minnesota State College Southeast. "Their Knowledge Solutions training will help provide education opportunities to our industrial communities and our state. This collaboration also falls in line with our goal to pursue new technical training, coursework, and programming opportunities to meet the needs of today's workforce. "

This pilot program will begin with a two-day course: 

Course Title: Industrial Control Panels UL 508A and Short-Circuit Current Ratings & UL 698A 3rd Edition, Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous (Classified) Locations 
Length: (Two Days) April 25, 2017 - 8 am to 5 pm; April 26, 8 am to 5pm
Location: Minnesota State College Southeast, 308 Pioneer Road, Red Wing, MN 55066
Cost: 15% discount if registered using MSC Southeast exclusive code MSCSTRAINING
Includes: Catered breakfast & lunch

This initiative is intended to bring UL's subject matter expertise locally to all manufacturers, industry, and technical professionals near MSC Southeast. Located only an hour southeast of the Twin Cities, Red Wing is easily accessed from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Rochester, the Eau Claire/Chippewa Valley region, and the La Crosse area.

"For those looking to spend more time in historic and beautiful Red Wing, discounts will be made available at participating hotels," says Travis Thul, MSC Southeast Dean of Trade and Technology. "Limited seating will also be offered at the Winona campus for those interested in taking this course through a remote interactive simulcast at no additional fee. Commuting to our campuses will provide less cost, travel time, and traffic congestion compared to training sessions held in metropolitan cities." 

In the future, the college plans to expand its UL curriculum in additional competencies and offer courses on both the Winona and the Red Wing campuses.

For more specific information about the course or to enroll, go to: ulknowledgesolutions.com   

Use exclusive discount code MSCSTRAINING at the time of registration to save 15% off of the list price.   

For more information contact Calli Ekblad, Director of Business Relations (cekblad@southeastmn.edu, 651-385-6320), or visit www.southeastmn.edu/training.  


About Minnesota State College Southeast

Minnesota State College Southeast is a two-year technical and community college that prepares students for a lifetime of learning by providing education for employment, skill enhancement, retraining, and transfer, to meet the needs of students and the community. The Winona campus opened in 1949, merging with the Red Wing campus in 1992 and updating its name to Minnesota State College Southeast in 2016 with the change of mission to offer both technical training and the associate of arts degree. Minnesota State College Southeast is a member of Minnesota State. For more information, visit www.southeastmn.edu.

Freezing Eyelashes and Fur Coats - MSCS Student visits Siberia

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Rebecca Moore

Freezing Eyelashes and Fur Coats

Distance learning student Rebecca Moore visits the coldest city and coldest village on Earth

See a Facebook photo album with more of Rebecca's photos!

There are colder places on the planet, but you won't find a colder city than Yakutsk or village than Oymyakon, where the record low is a bone chilling -96F. Makes a cold winter day in Minnesota seem like a summer afternoon!

Rebecca Moore is a distance learning student studying Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting Technologies at MSC Southeast. She lives in Moscow, but in February she took a trip to Siberia to experience the polar opposite of a tropical vacation. We caught up for an email interview with her in March.

Frozen Room - RussiaWhy are you living in Russia, and how did you happen to pick the coldest city in the world to visit?

I work for a Department of State contractor at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. In January, it dropped to -20F in Moscow and everyone freaked out! After a few days of this, I read an article about how this other place in Russia was laughing at the Moscovites because it was -46F there. I guess I like a challenge, or I'm just an "Anti-Tourist"; I said, "That's the place for me!" And I immediately started looking into how to visit the coldest inhabited place on earth.

Tell us about your trip to Yakutsk and Oymyakon.

When I flew from Moscow and landed in Yakutsk, it was -38F. When I left Oymyakon, it was -48F. In Yakutsk, you can see places where steam has just built up. It looks like snow, but it's actually steam, car exhaust, or even people's breath that has frozen to something and looks like snow. Obviously, ice sculptures can survive outside all winter. There are indoor grocery stores, but fresh markets outside; frozen fish and meat are displayed openly in wooden boxes. No freezer needed! 

fur-coatsMost people try to avoid wearing eyeglasses -- the metal will freeze to your face. I wore plastic frames and was fine, but mostly wore contacts. The people there wear a lot of fur. Even in Yakutsk, which is a large city and the capital of the Sakha Republic, most people wear reindeer skin boots. There isn't a lot of wind, which helps immensely, but still, my face, fingers and toes were always cold. 

The trip from Yakutsk to Oymyakon takes 20-24 hours. When you stop for a break, you have to leave the car running. At night, we put the car in a heated garage. Truck drivers just leave their trucks running 24/7 for weeks at a time. 

A lot of the driving was over or even down rivers, using them like a road. Some places we visited, you can't even get to them in the summer. There are no bridges, so you can only get there when the rivers freeze over. In November, the local government goes out to the major river near Yakutsk, clears a road, and puts out road signs. On the river!

How did you find out about MSC Southeast and why did you choose our CAD drafting program?

I have an undergraduate degree in International Business and a graduate certificate in Project Management. Mostly I work with tradespeople, and I wanted to have more skills to become qualified for contract jobs around the world. It's important to me that the school has a brick and mortar location. I was familiar with AutoCad from high school, so I cast about the internet looking for AutoCad degrees online, and that's how I found MSC Southeast. I wasn't looking for SolidWorks classes (truth be told, I didn't even know what it was), but now that I'm studying that as well, I love it!

Russian signHow does being a full-time online student work for you?

I work about 50 hours a week, so having a calendar is key! When I get the schedule of due dates for the classes, I lay them all out on the calendar, along with my work schedule, holidays, etc. On weekends, I'll often spend 8 hours straight on homework, but mostly, that's because I really like what I'm studying! I still have time for a social life, but maybe not as much as when I'm not in school. You just have to always be looking ahead and portioning out your time.

Where are you from in the States?

I'm from North Carolina. It's funny, I live in Moscow and I study through a Minnesota school, but there is another student in one of my online classes, not just from Western North Carolina, but from my actual home town!

What's it like living in Moscow?

Several of us from the Department of State contract live in the same neighborhood outside the center of the city.  In the summer, we cook out nearly every weekend. My contribution is often boiled peanuts. It's a snack from the South that I love, and one that many people have never heard of, so that's what I like to bring.  

Moscow itself has everything you would need and more, plus a fantastic metro system that makes it easy to get around...if you can read a bit of Russian!  If you plan to visit Moscow, do yourself a favor and learn the alphabet, it helps a lot!

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