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305 - Policy Development

For effective communications and the orderly regulation of operations, Minnesota State College Southeast has an established process for the development, review and approval of all policies. These policies will guide the operations of all aspects of the college. 

Important areas of college operations will be governed by clear, collaboratively-developed policies and procedures. Policies will follow a logical development process, with opportunities for comment and input afforded to affected campus groups, including faculty, staff and students. The process will culminate in approval by the President.    

All college policy will be posted to a single website and communicated to the college community as new or revised policies are developed.  

Responsibility for policy development will be delegated to those with expertise in the area affected with responsibility assigned to the appropriate administrator. 

Policy Development Procedures

Faculty and staff are encouraged to propose policies and procedures which will assure efficient operations and progressive programs and safeguards. Policy development may be initiated by the assigned administrator, his/her designee, or by a college committee or informal group. Other employees or groups may request that a policy be developed in an area of perceived need by submitting a written request to the administrator assigned to that area. Proposals to create new policies or substantially revise existing policies must conform to the procedures. The President's Cabinet will perform the initial review of policies prior to the approval/disapproval of the President.  All College policies and procedures will be in compliance with Minnesota State Board policies and any required Federal mandates where applicable.  

The person or group proposing a new policy, or a substantive revision of an existing policy, must complete the Policy/Procedure Request for Approval Form. The requester will address the following issues:  

  • Identify college policy or procedure issue
  • Indicate the College-wide impact of the proposal
  • Determine whether the policy will have a fiscal impact (will new resources be required in order to implement the policy)
  • Determine whether any cost-savings will result from the policy
  • Affirm that there are no existing Minnesota State policies that this proposal will overlap or contradict
  • The person or office that will have primary responsibility for the oversight of the policy must be clearly stated and involved in policy development. 


  1. A proposed draft policy or policy revision along with the Policy/Procedure Request for Approval Form should be submitted to the appropriate President's Cabinet Member responsible for the Division to be reviewed by the Cabinet as a first reading.  After the first reading approval by the President's Cabinet, the proposed policy will be emailed by the President's Office to all staff, students, and faculty for a 5-day review period. If denied, the proposal will be returned with explanation to the initiator. 
  2. The Shared Governance Committee will review the policy and the input received from the campus community, and approve or recommend additional revision. 
  3. If a significant revision is deemed necessary, the President's Office will email the revised policy proposal to all staff for an additional 5-day input period and returned to Shared Governance for a second reading. 
  4. After final input is received at either step 3 or 4, the policy will be presented to the President's Cabinet for a second reading for approval or denial. 
  5. The policy will them be presented to the President for final review/approval. 
  6. The college policy development flow chart is provided for reference.  

The policy will go into effect on the date of final approval by the President unless otherwise specified. All policies will have the original date of approval, review and revisions which will include even minor changes. 

NOTE: Proposals pertaining to curriculum and academic affairs may be referred to AASC for a faculty position on the proposal. Proposals pertaining to student life concerns maybe referred to Student Senate for a position on the policy. Labor agreement language will be followed pertaining to policy adaption. 

Some minor changes to policy can, and will, occur without input. Minor changes are those that do not change the intent of policy determined by President's Cabinet and the President. 

Revisions to procedures do not require the above review.  The administrator responsible for implementation of the procedures has the discretion to change procedures as needed.  S/He is responsible for advising all staff of significant revisions in an appropriate time-frame.   

The President or designee will establish procedures to ensure that each policy is reviewed at least once every three years.  The policy shall be reviewed to determine whether it is needed, that it is current and complete, not duplicative or contradictory to other policies, and is consistent with style and formatting requirements.  

Administrators are expected to keep current with changes to Minnesota State policy as well as State and Federal regulations in their assigned areas and forward proposed revisions to college policy in a timely manner.  


Approved: June 17, 1997
Reviewed: December 28, 2010; October 23, 2013, January 14, 2020
Revised: February 15, 2000; June 30, 2004; December 10, 2008, January 24, 2020

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