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PSEO Concurrent

Connect to College (C2C)

NACEP Concurrent Accreditation

The Minnesota State College Southeast Concurrent Enrollment program (C2C) provides high school students the unique opportunity to earn college credits through freshmen-level courses taught in the high school by credentialed high school instructors mentored by college faculty.  

C2C is one form of Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) as established by the Minnesota Legislature and governed by the Minnesota State Board Policies and MSC Southeast.

Through a contract between participating high schools and the college, schools pay a flat fee of $3,000 per course directly to MSC Southeast. There is no cost to high school students to participate.

Minnesota State College Southeast is a member of the Minnesota Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (MnCEP) and the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Are you eligible for C2C classes?

Check the PSEO/C2C Program Student Eligibility page to see if you meet the requirements to participate in C2C.


Application Process 

  • To participate, start by speaking with your high school counselor. 
  • You will need to fill out the Online Application: APPLY NOW 
  • NOTE: Timeline for student paperwork to be complete for Fall Semester is MID-APRIL; for Spring Semester it is MID-NOVEMBER.
  • In the event of denied admission to the PSEO/C2C program, a student can submit an appeal. Please submit the Appeal Form (PDF), letter of appeal, and letter of support prior to the start of the academic term you with to enroll.

Registration Process

  • To register for your C2C courses at MSC Southeast, follow the Step by Step Guide to Course Registration. Download detailed instructions (PDF).
  • Start the registration process by logging in to your e-Services account.
  • You can Verify Enrollment by clicking on the View/Modify Schedule link in your e-Services account.

After You Are Enrolled

Once you are admitted you will be receiving these documents as part of the orientation process.

Once your class has started, there will be a C2C orientation in your classroom at your high school.
Download the C2C Orientation Presentation (PDF)

For Students and Parents

MSC Southeast's concurrent enrollment Connect 2 College (C2C) program allows students to complete college courses while enrolled in high school. Through the C2C program, high school students can develop college level study, communication, and critical thinking skills. Courses are taught by qualified high school teachers who work in conjunction with a collaborating Minnesota State College Southeast instructor. Best of all, C2C credits are earned at no cost to the high school student! Check with your high school counselor to see if C2C courses are offered at your high school.

Student and Parent Resources 

  1. C2C Student/Parent Guide (PDF)
  2. C2C Student Registration Process (PDF) 
  3. MSC Southeast Student Handbook (web page)
  4. MSC Southeast Student Resource Guide (PDF)
  5. College Readiness Brochure (PDF)
  6. PSEO/C2C Application Directions (PDF)
  7. C2C Comprehensive Course Listing (PDF)
  8. C2C FAQ (PDF)
  9. Course Transfer Resources (web page)
  10. C2C Course Descriptions, Prereqs & Goals (PDF)

High School Counselors

High school counselors are the first point of contact for students interested in participating in C2C. The information below will help you better understand the program and how to help students enroll.

High School Counselor Resources

  1. C2C Orientation Presentation (PDF)
  2. MSC Southeast Student Resource Guide (PDF)  
  3. C2C Enrollment Timeline (PDF)
  4. C2C Workflow Chart (PDF)
  5. C2C High School Checklist (PDF)
  6. PSEO/C2C Application Directions (PDF)
  7. Accuplacer Placement Test Information (web page) 
  8. C2C Course Descriptions, Prerequisites & Goals (PDF)
  9. C2C Course List with ID Numbers 2003-2019 (PDF)
  10. Course Transfer Resources (web page)
  11. C2C Comprehensive Course Listing (PDF)
  12. C2C FAQs (PDF)


High School Collaborators

C2C courses are taught by high school instructors, referred to as high school collaborators, in collaboration with Minnesota State College Southeast college faculty, referred to as college collaborators. Through this dynamic partnership, both high school and college collaborators help ensure that C2C courses are academically challenging and follow MSC Southeast course outlines, objectives, outcomes, and assessment. 

The MSC Southeast C2C program provides high school collaborators with orientation to college policies and procedures, ongoing discipline-specific curriculum discussion, site visits at both the high school and the college, and professional growth and development.

High School Collaborator Resources

  1. C2C High School Collaborator's Guide (PDF)
  2. High School Collaborator Application (PDF)
  3. High School Collaborator Qualifications Review (PDF)
  4. C2C Comprehensive Course Listing (PDF)
  5. C2C Course Descriptions, Prerequisites & Goals (PDF)
  6. C2C Course List with ID Numbers 2003-2019 (PDF)
  7. C2C Discipline-Specific Orientation (PDF)
  8. C2C General Orientation Agenda (PDF)
  9. Spot Check Template (PDF)
  10. Course Syllabus Form (PDF)
  11. Statement of Equivalency Form (PDF)
  12. Site Visit Form (PDF)
  13. Professional Development Plan Form (PDF)
  14. C2C Orientation Presentation (PDF)
  15. NACEP Standards 2017 and Required Evidence  (PDF)
  16. NACEP Standards 2011 and Required Evidence   (PDF)

Qualifications for C2C instructors

  1. Master’s degree in the discipline  -or-
  2. Master’s degree and 18 graduate credits in the discipline  -or-
  3. In field credentials for technical/business/trade

Process for Approving High School Collaborators

  1. Academic dean and high School Principal/Superintendent meet to discuss C2C course/instructor. 
  2. C2C instructor submits application to include unofficial transcripts, licenses, and additional documentation regarding advanced coursework/seminars/workshops and years of experience. 
  3. Materials are reviewed by division chair, college collaborator, and dean of academic area. 
  4. Initial introduction meeting, much like an informal interview, is set up with high school instructor, division chair, academic dean of the area, and college collaborator 
  5. Recommendation is made to Academic Vice President and Human Resources to include all documentation
  6. Approval letter is sent to the high school instructor,  principal, and college HR department 

Criteria and Procedure for Non-Compliance

MSC Southeast may determine that a high School instructor is not in compliance with C2C standards. See the C2C High School Collaborator's Guide (PDF) for detailed information.


The support of high school administrators is vital to the success of the Connect to College (C2C) program. Through C2C partnerships, school districts can attract and retain student leaders by offering the academically challenging courses they want.

The C2C contract is an agreement between the college and high school partners to support the C2C program and ensure program quality. The contract identifies the rights and responsibilities of all partners including student expectations as well as the fiscal responsibility relating to course delivery.

The contract is sent to high school administrators during the month of August and should be returned to MSC Southeast prior to the start of fall semester classes.

Administrator Resources

  1. MSC Southeast College Administration (web page)
  2. C2C Student/Parent Guide (PDF)
  3. PSEO Agreement Form (PDF)
  4. C2C Process Checklist (PDF)
  5. C2C Orientation Presentation (PDF)
  6. C2C Course Descriptions, Prerequisites & Goals (PDF)
  7. C2C Course List with ID Numbers 2003-2019 (PDF)
  8. C2C High School Collaborator's Guide (PDF)
  9. High School Collaborator Application (PDF)
  10. High School Collaborator Qualifications Review (PDF)
  11. State of MN C2C HS Contract 19-20 (PDF)
  12. NACEP Standards 2017 and Required Evidence (PDF)
  13. NACEP Standards 2011 and Required Evidence  (PDF)

Program Evaluation

To ensure the ongoing quality and rigor of the C2C program, Minnesota State College Southeast provides the following program evaluation surveys as part of the college’s continuous improvement efforts.

High School Partners

The following high school partners have participated in Minnesota State College Southeast's C2C program:

  • Caledonia Area High School
  • Cannon Falls High School
  • Chatfield High School
  • Fillmore Central High School
  • Goodhue High School
  • Lewiston-Altrua
  • Mabel-Canton High School
  • Red Wing High School
  • Rushford-Peterson High School
  • St. Charles High School
  • Spring Grove Public School
  • Winona Senior High School
  • Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School


Contact Us

Jeannie Meidlinger, Director of Secondary Relations
PSEO/Concurrent program liaison
507-453-2743 (877-853-8324)

Melissa Carrington-Irwin, Dean of Students
C2C Academic Support Advisor

Holly Daley, Registrar
C2C Transcripts and Grade Reports
Phone: 651-385-6328

Chad Dull, Vice President of Academics
C2C Program Administrator

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