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Earn your degree from MSC Southeast for an Administrative Assistant AAS degree online. With an associate of applied science degree, you'll discover opportunities in the world of business. Minnesota State College Southeast AAS Administrative Assistant program launches administrative assistant careers to help you take on the challenges of today's office environment.

Career Area: Business & Management
Program: Administrative Support Careers
Campus(es): Online

Major Details

The MSC Southeast Administrative Assistant 2-year Associate of Applied Science online degree program starts with a strong foundation of college-level classes in communications, math, and humanities.

Learn professional AAS Administrative Assistant degree job skills and duties that will increase your value in the workplace

MSC Southeast's administrative assistant courses online will help you build expertise in all aspects of office procedures and software, including word processing, bookkeeping, spreadsheets, presentations, and desktop publishing. Discover more to the office than working with programs and computers. You'll gain transferable skills such as workplace communications, time management, and customer service techniques that range from resolving customer complaints to exceeding customer expectations.


Looking for some real-world office experience? You will complete an internship that provides you with a "real-world learning experience" in which you will apply the knowledge and skills learned in your courses. In many cases, internships will get your foot in the door for a new administrative support career opportunity!

About Administrative Support Careers

These days, resources are tight and employers are looking for candidates that are detail-oriented and tech-savvy administrative support personnel who can manage both complex projects and day-to-day office needs. With an Administrative Assistant AAS major from MSC Southeast Administrative Support program, you'll become an expert-level user of office software programs and sharpen your customer service skills to become a valuable team player.

Choose the option that best fits your schedule and career goals. All of Minnesota State College Southeast Administrative Support programs can be completed 100% online. We also offer full-time and part-time schedules so that you can plan your program to fit in with your home and work life.

Career Field: Business Management & Administration
Cluster: Business Management & Administration
Pathway: Administrative Support
Recommended high school classes and basic job/program skills

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1) Must complete a minimum of 3 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 1100 or higher Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

Goal 4: Mathematics
Choose one Goal 4 course
3 cr
3 cr
Job Seeking Skills
Students will gain independence and proficiency in job searching skills through activities and assignments designed to help them learn how to find jobs, how to prepare to apply for jobs, and how to present themselves as candidates for jobs. Skills covered will include how to search electronically for a job; how to develop written documents needed for a successful self-directed job search, including how to create an electronic portfolio; and how to secure, conduct, and follow up on job interviews. (Prerequisite: none) (1 credit: 1 lecture/0 lab)

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1 cr
16 crs
Spreadsheets Concepts and Applications
This course uses a spreadsheet system for business applications. Procedures used include: document creation, storage, retrieval, major editing, printing, merger of documents, segments and variables, and graph creation. (Prerequisite: None) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Principles of Bookkeeping I
This course covers the basic accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses. This includes the analyzing of business transactions, recording transactions in a variety of journals and the preparation of financial reports. (Prerequisite: None) (2 Credits: 1 lecture/1 lab)

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2 cr
Database Concepts and Applications
This course will utilize database software for various business applications. (Prerequisite: none) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Word Processing I
This course covers utilization of word processing software to perform basic word processing applications. (Prerequisite: ADMS2410 Keyboarding I or concurrent enrollment) (2 Credits: 2 lecture/0 lab)

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2 cr
Business Communications
This course provides the study and practice necessary to develop competence in using language effectively and appropriately in business communications. Emphasis is placed on providing a practical grasp of the principles of English usage and style that build the framework for effective business communication. This course develops basic writing techniques for use in composing memos, e-mail messages, and letters. (Prerequisite: Writing College Level Placement or ENGL0528) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Office Procedures
This course provides an overview of procedures and theory for administrative support personnel. Students will identify the personal qualities, skills, and technical knowledge required of the administrative professional in today's business environment. The following topics will be explored: teamwork, managing stress, ethical behavior, customer service, technology etiquette, travel arrangements, and processing workplace mail. A summary of the job search process and preparing a resume is included. An overview of standard filing rules published by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) is incorporated through the use of a filing simulation kit. (Prerequisite or Concurrent: ADMS1417, or ADMS2410) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Customer Service Concepts
This course provides an introduction to customer service concepts and skills that are essential for professionals in today's business environment. Effective customer service techniques ranging from appropriately resolving customer complaints, exceeding customer expectations, and analyzing the impact of customer satisfaction will be studied. (Prerequisite: None) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Integrated Office Skills
An emphasis will be placed on learning transferrable skills such as effective written and verbal communication in the workplace; office efficiency via file management, ergonomics, and time management; and seeking assistance via the internet, software help menus, and editing/proofreading. Through the use of an office simulation, the student will perform tasks based on actual job situations that utilize the skills necessary to work in a computerized office as well as problem solving, decision making, and teamwork. The office simulation uses a variety of business application software including word processing, presentation graphics, e-mail, and the Internet. (Prerequisite or Concurrent: ADMS2410) (2 Credits: 1 lecture/1 lab)

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2 cr
Desktop Publishing with Publisher
This course provides an introduction to Microsoft Publisher. Topics include creating and editing single-page and multi-page publications, using wizards, commercial printing considerations, editing text, colors, and graphic design objects, personal information sets, logos, the Pack and Go Wizard, plus using Publisher to create flyers, newsletters, brochures, logos, and calendars. Also included are topics covering business forms such as letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and labels with mail merge, business cards, invoices, fax covers, and tables. (Prerequisite: ADMS1417 or equivalent) (2 Credits: 2 lecture/0 lab)

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2 cr
Electronic Presentations for Business Professionals
This course will allow the student to produce professional-looking presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will learn to create, edit, and publish presentations with illustrations and shapes, custom backgrounds and SmartArt Diagrams. Use of diagrams, tables, pictures, video, sound, and animation effects will also be discussed. (Prerequisite: None) (2 Credits: 2 lecture/0 lab)

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2 cr
Keyboarding I
Students will learn the alphabetic and number keys by touch using proper techniques on the computer keyboard; improve speed and accuracy; format basic business documents including memos and letters; and proofread and apply language arts skills. (Prerequisite: None) (3 Credits: 2 lecture/1 lab)

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3 cr
Keyboarding II
This course covers production typing using basic business formats. In addition to reviewing office document formats from ADMS 2410 (Keyboarding I), new formats of multiple-page documents and those requiring use of additional word processing features will be covered. Students will continue to develop speed, accuracy, and proofreading skills while demonstrating proper office ergonomics. (Prerequisite: ADMS2410 or equivalent) (3 Credits: 2 lecture/1 lab)

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3 cr
Word Processing Applications
The student applies the knowledge and skills he/she has developed in Word Processing I and II. (Prerequisites: ADMS2410 Keyboarding I, and ADMS1417 Word Processing I and ADMS2417 Word Processing II) (4 Credits: 4 lecture/0 lab)

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4 cr
Word Processing II
This course covers utilization of word processing software to increase proficiency in operating word processing software. (Prerequisite: ADMS1417) (2 Credits: 2 lecture/0 lab)

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2 cr
Administrative Assistant Internship IV
This internship will provide the student with a "real world learning experience" in which the student will apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. This internship is for 192 hours and should be completed near the end of the student's coursework to obtain the maximum benefit for both the student and the interning business. (Prerequisite: None) (4 Credits: 0 lecture/0 lab/4 OJT)

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4 cr
Business Computers
This course is designed to provide "hands on" training in the use of the computer aimed at information processing for coursework, personal, and professional purposes. According to skillful design standards, students solve business problems using industry-standard software application programs (word processing, spreadsheets, and database management, presentations, and email/calendar). A brief introduction to file management, cloud technology, and operating system is covered. Students will also develop an understanding of computer safety, security, ethics, and privacy. (Prerequisites: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
44 crs

Total Credits Required for this Major: 60 Credits

Estimated Costs for this Major

Approximate Tuition/Fees:$11,994
Minimum Tool Cost:N/A
Estimated Total:$13,494


Career Opportunities

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Specialist
  • Office Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant

Career Information


  1. Accurately and efficiently utilize computer application software for office applications.
  2. Exhibit proficiency in formatting business documents according to industry standards utilizing proper keyboarding techniques.
  3. Create real-life documents using proper English and proofreading skills.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate critical thinking and problem-solving skills for the workplace.
  5. Apply knowledge of office procedures to simulated or entry-level employment situations.
  6. Identify, develop, and utilize effective customer service skills and strategies to serve all stakeholders in a professional manner.


  • 100% online administrative support degrees
  • Office internship opportunities available
  • Learn how to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Use technology that parallels business and industry
  • Transfer within the Administrative Support programs
  • Accepting enrollment in fall or spring semesters


Ramona Coron
Ramona Coron earned her A.A.S. degree in Medical Secretarial Science from Anoka Ramsey Community College and her B.S. degree in Business Education and Office Administration from Winona State University. She specializes in online administrative support instruction. Contact Ramona at



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