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Retail Management - AAS

Career Area: Business & Management
Program: Retail & Sales Management
Campus(es): Winona

Please Note:At this time, we are not accepting new students for enrollment in the Retail and Sales Management programs. Please consider enrolling in Business Management, Accounting, or Business Transfer Pathway instead.

Close the deal on a successful new career in Retail Management.

With a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Retail Management, you will be well prepared to take on a leadership role in business. The skills you learn at Minnesota State College Southeast in Winona will go with you whether you choose to enter the workforce upon graduation or continue your education. There is constant demand for employees in this field.

Coursework is varied and you will learn from textbooks as well as class discussions. You will work on real life, up-to-date marketing presentations using programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and online resources.

This degree includes 15 credits of general college-level education in communications (speech and writing), math, and the humanities, plus 45 technical credits. These technical classes cover the specifics of the field, such as advertising, visual merchandising, inventory planning, retail buying, and the principles of supervision.

Our Retail & Sales Management program has had 100% placement in the past several years. You will have the option to look for work locally or nationwide.

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Career Field: Business Management & Administration
Cluster: Business Management & Administration
Pathway: General Management, Merchandising & Professional Sales
Recommended high school classes and basic job/program skills

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1) Must complete a minimum of 3 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 1100 or higher Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

Goal 4: Mathematics
Choose one Goal 4 course
3 cr
3 cr
College Speech
Students develop interpersonal, small group, and public speaking skills as well as an understanding of basic communication principles. (Fulfills MnTC Goal 1) (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
College Writing I
This course involves expository writing based on experience, direct observation, research and reading with emphasis on critical thinking skills, rhetorical strategies, and style. (Meets MnTC Goal 1) (Prerequisites: Writing College Level Placement or successful completion of ENGL0528) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
15 crs
Technical electives (see advisor for approved electives)
Choose two or more Technical electives.
11 cr
Society & Law
Society & Law is designed to assist the student in developing an understanding of and an appreciation for the legal system and an awareness of legal rights and responsibilities in our society. The course provides foundation knowledge of the formation, operation, discharge and terminology unique to general and sales contracts. The course also addresses personal property, bailments, and commerical paper. (Prerequisite: None) (2 Credits: 2 lecture/0 lab)

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2 cr
Introduction to Marketing
This course introduces the basic principles of marketing and how they apply to our economy today. The student will be given the opportunity to apply elements of the marketing mix and market research in case studies. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Introduction to Sales
This course covers the role of sales in the economy, the importance of a positive sales attitude, the importance of communication skills, the basic steps of a sale, and how a salesperson is viewed as a representative of a specific company. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
This course covers the fundamentals of sales promotion, the types of promotional tools available, and effective use of those tools. This course also focuses on advertising including the various types of retail advertising options, the parts of the advertisement, and the creation of actual advertisements as a part of class work. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credit: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Visual Merchandising
Visual display is an important part of the selling process. In this course, the student will analyze store image and create displays. The student will receive instruction on the principles and elements of design, lighting techniques, and how to utilize the appropriate props, mannequins, and fixtures. Students are required to build various types of displays. (Prerequisite: None) (2 credits: 1 lecture/1 lab)

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2 cr
Retail Business Operations
The basic operational side of a retailing business is the focus of this course. The course covers information on housekeeping, cashiering, customer service, security, shoplifting, marking, receiving and storing of merchandise. Principles and techniques for physical layout of the selling floor utilizing retail layout principles to create a store image and ambiance along with the calculation of layout profitability ratios are addressed. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Applied Sales
This course focuses on practical application of communication skills as they apply to selling. Primary attention is given to customer prospecting, utilization of information and skills to appeal to customer needs, completing the sale, and follow up and review. Significant time is spent planning, delivering and critiquing sales presentation. (Prerequisite: Instructor Approval) (3 credits: 0 lecture/3 lab)

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3 cr
Inventory Planning Concepts
Unit and dollar inventory systems are essential to the retailing business. This course covers minimum and maximum inventory levels, the calculation and interpretation of inventory ratios, book inventory, retail method of inventory, and the various ways in which inventory status can be analyzed to insure profitability on on-hand inventory. Computer applications are emphasized. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Retail Buying
The focus of this course is placed on the essentials of effective retail buying. It covers planning the buy, locating resources, negotiating the buy and calculating the gross margin percentage on the merchandise selected. This course also looks at the importance of trend analysis as a buying tool. (Prerequisite: Instructor Approval) (3 credits: 0 lecture/3 lab)

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3 cr
This course is designed to provide the student with a purposeful occupational experience in the wholesale-retail marketing industry. Since each Supervised Occupational Experience is an individualized experience, a training plan is specifically created for each student in conjunction with the training station the student is assigned to. Supervised Occupational Experience can be offered as a cooperative arrangement, an internship arrangement, or other appropriate work experience arrangement. (Prerequisite: Instructor Approval) (6 credits: 0 lecture/0 lab/6 OJT)

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6 cr
Supervision Principles
This course covers an overview of the supervisory field. The course introduces aspects of the supervisor's job that are developed in depth on other courses throughout the program. Topics to be covered include: Basic skills required of managers, fundamentals of planning, organizing, delegating, communication skills, selecting and training new employees, appraising and compensating employees, discipline and exercising control, and controlling productivity, quality and safety. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
45 crs

Total Credits Required for this Major: 60 Credits

Estimated Costs for this Major

Approximate Tuition/Fees:$11,675
Minimum Tool Cost:N/A
Estimated Total:$12,675


Career Opportunities

  • Store/District Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Retail Buyer
  • Retail Manager
  • Retail Sales
  • Customer Service Representative

Career Information


Retail and Sales Management program graduates will be able to:

  1. Communicate with prospects/customers using above average communication skills.
  2. Negotiate win/win outcomes with prospects and customers.
  3. Perform customer relationship management techniques.
  4. Quality prospects and analyze customer needs.
  5. Demonstrate human relation skills on the job.
  6. Perform the steps of the professional selling process.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing concept.


  • Working in sales/marketing gives you the ability to work in an area of interest to you
  • Courses are focused on the latest trends in sales and marketing
  • Marketing is integrated into every course taught
  • A wide variety of jobs are available to you upon graduation


James Elvidge
James Elvidge holds four degrees from Minnesota State College Southeast: Undercar Certificate, Automotive Technology, Retail Management, and Sales Management. While a student, he competed at the international level in Collegiate DECA, winning the first place award in Sales Manager Meeting (2015). Having returned to MSC Southeast in 2019 as an instructor in the Retail and Sales Management program, he also supervises Winona Student Senate and is the mentor for Collegiate DECA.




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