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A degree in Business Management perfect choice for working adults who are ready to move up in their careers.

Career Area: Business & Management
Program: Business Management
Campus(es): Winona/Red Wing/Online

Major Details

A degree in Business Management perfect choice for working adults who are ready to move up in their careers.

The Business Management program at Minnesota State College Southeast is perfect for working adults who are new to management or are interested in moving up in management status. Best of all, this program is available online, so you can work your classes into your busy schedule!

Our unique accelerated learning program enables you to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in approximately 3 years. Accelerated learning uses activities that involve your senses in an intensive, yet fun environment. You will absorb more information in a shorter time while enjoying the support of fellow students.

Learning takes place with a group of students who have similar backgrounds and training needs. You and the group will move rapidly through the required courses, enabling you to learn from one another.

Additional credentials

There are 3 certificates within the Business Management program at MSC Southeast. You can gain any or all of these credentials along the way to working on your A.A.S. degree – enhancing your value in the workplace at each stage of your education.

Are you already employed in the work force? Your employer will benefit from your participation in MSC Southeast's Business Management program. Company projects may be completed as class assignments and the focus is on building the specific skills that are needed in your work situation.

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Career Field: Business Management & Administration
Cluster: Business Management & Administration
Pathway: General Management
Recommended high school classes and basic job/program skills

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1) Must complete a minimum of 3 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 1100 or higher Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

Goal 4: Mathematics
Choose one Goal 4 course
3 cr
3 cr
15 crs
Technical electives (see advisor for approved electives)
Choose one or more Technical electives.
5 cr
Financial Accounting
This course covers the fundamental accounting concepts and principles which are used in a business environment to provide reports on the economic condition of an organization. The focus will be on the accrual method of accounting, utilizing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to analyze and record transactions. The ultimate objective is to understand the effects of these transactions in order to provide timely and relevant information in the form of financial statements. (Prerequisite: none) (4 credits: 4 lecture/0 lab)

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4 cr
Business Communications
This course provides the study and practice necessary to develop competence in using language effectively and appropriately in business communications. Emphasis is placed on providing a practical grasp of the principles of English usage and style that build the framework for effective business communication. This course develops basic writing techniques for use in composing memos, e-mail messages, and letters. (Prerequisite: Writing College Level Placement or ENGL0528) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Principles of Marketing
An introduction to the study of marketing in business and other organizations. Topics include: the marketing environment, marketing strategies and decision-making, marketing ethics and the international dimension of marketing strategy. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Supervision Principles
This course covers an overview of the supervisory field. The course introduces aspects of the supervisor's job that are developed in depth on other courses throughout the program. Topics to be covered include: Basic skills required of managers, fundamentals of planning, organizing, delegating, communication skills, selecting and training new employees, appraising and compensating employees, discipline and exercising control, and controlling productivity, quality and safety. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Managing for Quality
This course covers the Total Quality Management Philosophy put forth by a variety of Quality Gurus around the world. It includes a step-by-step process to put a quality program to work in an organization, including shortcuts and how to avoid pitfalls. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Practical Problem Solving
This course will provide participant with the skills and resources to solve organizational problems and make better decisions. The opportunity will be provided to practice various problem solving techniques and tools, including the seven quality tools. Participants will learn methods for thinking about problems more creatively. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Leadership Development
This course is an introduction to the concept of leadership. In addition to mechanics and styles of leadership, the moral and ethical considerations of leadership will also be stressed. Topics to be discussed will include: managing change, vision statements, power and its use and abuse, communicating like a leader, empowering employees, setting an example, recognizing others, and celebrating successes. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Project Management
The need for business leaders and managers to manage programs and projects is evident today. Technology managers and all managers will find much higher competency in the workplace with an understanding of methods of completing projects on schedule and on budget. This course presents the specific concepts, techniques, and tools for managing projects effectively. The role of the project manager as team leader is examined, together with important techniques for controlling cost, schedules, and performance parameters. Through readings, class discussions, and interactive exercises, learners gain an understanding of both the technical and human aspects of project management. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Human Resource Issues for Managers
This course covers a variety of personnel issues that affect managers and supervisors in most organizations. Human Resource issues from hiring to firing, documentation, as well as potential legal ramifications will be covered. Laws regarding sexual harassment, all types of discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and any new legislation that could impact area managers will be researched. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
The purpose of this course is to educate managers, supervisors, and other interested employees about the concept of workteams. The topics covered are stages of team development, building trust within the team, consensus decision making, running effective team meetings, and symptoms of a dysfunctional team. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Coaching & Productivity Enhancement
This course covers a variety of techniques to use when coaching employees. Topics to be included are counseling, mentoring, training, correcting and how to use employee appraisal systems to improve productivity of employees. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Service Management
This course covers how businesses are increasing profitability through a process of assessment of customer needs and changing expectations. Learn critical elements of how to train others to deliver service excellence. "Internal" and "External" customers are included in all aspects of discussion of effective customer service. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
Management Theories and Organizational Studies
Effective management of organizational dynamics requires an understanding of both theory and practice. Three characteristics common to all organizations are explored: behavior, structure, and processes. How these characteristics interrelate and are influenced by actions of managers is the main focus of the class. (Prerequisite: None) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
45 crs

Total Credits Required for this Major: 60 Credits

Estimated Costs for this Major

Approximate Tuition/Fees:$11,994
Minimum Tool Cost:N/A
Estimated Total:$13,094


Career Opportunities

  • Supervisor
  • Workplace Leader
  • Department Head
  • Office Manager

Career Information


Program graduates will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate leadership skills and identify approaches to motivation to achieve a productive work environment.
  2. Apply human resource management practices at a supervisory management level.
  3. Apply marketing, management, and organizational theories in a supervisory setting.
  4. Demonstrate financial management skills at a non-financial management level.
  5. Demonstrate analytical skills in identifying and solving supervisory business problems.
  6. Utilize current business technology.
  7. Plan, prepare, and deliver effective oral and written communications.


  • Accelerated learning for adults
  • Classes held mostly in the evening
  • Enhancement program for people in business/industry
  • Teaching methods build self-esteem and critical thinking skills
  • Emphasis on leadership development
  • Network with learners from a variety of area businesses


Various instructors teach in this program, based on their industry experience. Faculty from the college Accounting, Administrative Support Careers, and Retail & Sales Management programs teach in their areas of expertise. Credentialed industry professionals with master's degrees in business teach courses in leadership, project management, quality, and human resource management.




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