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Transportation Management - AAS

Career Area: Transportation
Program: Transportation Management
Campus(es): Winona

Become a leader in the field of moving products, people, and priorities across town or across the nation.

Get ready for a fast moving career! At Minnesota State College Southeast in Winona, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Transportation Management in 2 years or less.

Hands-on truck driver training is just the beginning. After you earn your commercial driver's license (CDL), you will progress to coursework related to dispatch, fleet management, business, and accounting. And if you already have a CDL and driving experience, Credit for Prior Learning may be an option.

People who work in this career field can expect to have high-level responsibilities. In a typical work day, you may:

  • Request, coordinate, and monitor movement of products
  • Choose transportation routes with the highest return on investment
  • Review work orders and arrange maintenance activities
  • Set schedules to determine work operations

If you're ready to start a career in a dynamic, fast paced work environment, consider a degree in Transportation Management. Full-time and part-time tracks available in this program -- you can enroll anytime.

NEWS! Through an articulation agreement, the Transportaion Management degree now transfers directly to a major in Global Supply Chain Management at Minnesota State College Moorhead.

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1) Must complete a minimum of 3 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 1100 or higher Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

Goal 4: Mathematics
Choose one Goal 4 course
3 cr
College Speech
Students develop interpersonal, small group, and public speaking skills as well as an understanding of basic communication principles. (Fulfills MnTC Goal 1) (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
Personal Finance
Personal Finance offers a study of economic decisions facing individuals in their personal lives. The course includes such topics as budgeting, using consumer credit, buying or renting a home, providing for medical care, purchasing life insurance, understanding retirement programs, buying and selling stocks, preparing income tax returns, minimizing taxes, and thinking about consumerism. (Prerequisites: none) (MnTC Goals 5 and 9) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
This course focuses on the economy as a whole and studies how government can affect the economy. Topics include principles of markets, the price system and supply and demand, national income accounting, business cycles, inflation, unemployment, fiscal policy, monetary policy and the Federal Reserve System, approaches to economic growth, and the foundations of international trade. There will be an emphasis on forces influencing employment and inflation. Current problems of the economy are stressed along with the tools the government has to cope with them. (MnTC Goals 5 and 8) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
College Writing I
This course involves expository writing based on experience, direct observation, research and reading with emphasis on critical thinking skills, rhetorical strategies, and style. (Meets MnTC Goal 1) (Prerequisites: Writing College Level Placement or successful completion of ENGL0528) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

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3 cr
15 crs
Technical electives (see advisor for approved electives)
Choose one or more Technical electives.
2 cr
Spreadsheets Concepts and Applications
This course uses a spreadsheet system for business applications. Procedures used include: document creation, storage, retrieval, major editing, printing, merger of documents, segments and variables, and graph creation. (Prerequisite: None) (3 Credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
Financial Accounting
This course covers the fundamental accounting concepts and principles which are used in a business environment to provide reports on the economic condition of an organization. The focus will be on the accrual method of accounting, utilizing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to analyze and record transactions. The ultimate objective is to understand the effects of these transactions in order to provide timely and relevant information in the form of financial statements. (Prerequisite: none) (4 credits: 4 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

4 cr
Managerial Accounting
This course covers the techniques for planning, controlling, and decision making relevant to managing costs in a manufacturing environment. The focus will be on cost concepts and cost behavior in relation to job-order costing, activity-based costing, and process costing. The budgetary process will be analyzed; including preparing and interpreting a master budget and flexible budget. (Prerequisite: ACCT2201 Financial Accounting or ACCT2211 Principles of Accounting II) (4 credits: 4 lecture/0 lab)

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4 cr
Organizational Management
This course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of management theories, contemporary management applications issues, and organizational models as they relate to organizational culture and structure. Topics include operations strategy, quality management and control, forecasting and operations planning, and project management. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
Organizational Dynamics
This course first examines organizational theory and application. Students then explore the environment through organizational structures and their behavioral characteristics. These include management issues, ethical issues, challenges and effective communication, leadership, power and management, design of the organization, the impact of that design and the impact of an organization's culture. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
Legal Environment of Business
This course introduces students to ethical theory and decision-making models, as well as to the legal framework in which American business operates, the substantive legal rules that govern American business, domestically and internationally, and the ethical and social responsibility implications of business conduct within the legal environment. Governmental efforts to regulate business activity by statute and administrative agency rules and decisions are emphasized. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
Business Ethics
A study of ethical problems in business and the foundations for decisions involving ethical issues. Topics include ethical concepts, personal integrity, individual conscience, and company loyalty and responsibility conflicts as they impact on the decision process in the functional areas of business. (Prerequisite: none) (3 credits: 3 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

3 cr
Safe Driving Fundamentals
This course introduces students to the world of transportation (trucking), through lecture. It allows the student to develop an understanding of the needs and rewards of the trucking industry. It enables the student to understand the workings of driving and it prepares them for range and road operation of a tractor-trailer combination vehicle. (Prerequisite: None) (4 credits: 4 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

4 cr
Proficiency Development
This course covers all aspects of operating a tractor-trailer in a confined area (Driving Range) (Backing Range). With supervised instruction, students will practice the skills learned in TRDR 1400 to the point of proficiency. The intent of this course is to prepare the student driver for solo operation. (Prerequisite: TRDR1400) (4 credits: 0 lecture/4 lab)

Download the Course Outline

4 cr
Advanced Driving
This course covers all areas of advanced driving including grade driving, city driving, highway and expressway driving. This class will be the final preparation for student drivers to actively seek employment in the transportation field. For the student to be eligible for a certificate he or she must pass a CDL road test to obtain their Class A license. (Prerequistes: TRDR 1400, 1405) (4 credits: 0 lecture/4 lab)

Download the Course Outline

4 cr
Employment Skills
This course is the gateway to employment in the trucking industry. It deals with money management, professional attitude and requirements as well as physical well-being. (Prerequisites: TRDR1400, 1405, 1410) (2 credits: 2 lecture/0 lab)

Download the Course Outline

2 cr
Under the supervision of a company trainer, this course will enable the student to apply the training he/she received at MSC-ST with the trucking company of his/her choice. The student will earn a salary during this internship(OJT). The successful completion of this course will enable the student to drive solo with the company of his/her choice. (Prerequisites: TRDR1400, 1405, 1410, 1415) (6 Credits: 0 lec/0 lab/6 OJT)

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6 cr
45 crs

Total Credits Required for this Major: 60 Credits

Estimated Costs for this Major

Approximate Tuition/Fees:$11,675
Minimum Tool Cost:N/A
Estimated Total:$12,275


Career Opportunities

  • Logistics and Transportation Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Load Planning and Scheduling
  • Fleet Operations Manager
  • Driver Safety and Training
  • Scheduling Manager

Career Information


  • Understand business principles critical to the management of transportation fleets and workers.
  • Learn the keys to business dynamics, ethics, and operations used every day across the industry.
  • Obtain a Commercial Driver's License.
  • Develop the communication skills needed to effectively correspond with professionals across the business hierarchy.


  • Hands-on training combines the rigors of Commercial Driver's License (CDL) curriculum with business and accounting concepts critical to managing people and fleets.
  • Opportunity to offer credit for prior learning (CPL) to students who currently hold a CDL and have existing experience in the field of truck driving.
  • Online options for students looking to complete the degree while working full-time in the truck driving industry.
  • Perfect educational option for professional truck drivers interested in moving out of the cab and into the office.


Thomas Gierok
Tom Gierok dreamed of being a truck driver his entire life. His dream came true. Tom drove truck for ten years before becoming an instructor at Minnesota State College Southeast. He continues to be active in industry and drives over-the-road from time to time.
Jillane Halverson
Jill Halverson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration, both from Winona State University. She has expertise in the areas of public, private, tax, auditing, and non-profit accounting.




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